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Min Kyaw Swar

Born: 1988
Hometown: Taungu, Bago Division

Fifth among seven siblings, Min Kyaw Swar moved to Yangon with his family when he was two years old. He loved painting and participated in student drawing contests since he was young. He also drew a lot with chalk at the monastery where he lived and studied until fourth grade.

He studied at the State School of Fine Arts in Yangon from 2009 – 2012, and started participating in group shows by the School’s night class students since 2009. He has participated in about 50 group shows to date.

Upon graduation, he started illustrating for a few magazines such as Pyit Yat Hman and Taungyi Magazines. He works at his uncle’s bookstore as a part time job and paints at the bookstore at night. He loves reading and writing. Two of his short love stories have been published in Yati magazine and ten of his poems have been published together with his friends.

Most of his paintings are scenes from his daily life as he sees beauty in the ordinary. These are memories imprinted in his mind and he wants to capture them. He loves light in the dark and Kyee Myint Saw is one of this favourite painters.

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