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Myint Soe was born in 1953 in Paungde. His father was a commercial artist but he didn't teach him. He has been in love with painting since he was a child. So, he studied fundamental drawing and painting at State Middle School with his teacher, artist U Thein Aung, from 1965 to 1968. Then he studied independently. He earned his living as a commercial artist in Paungde from 1970 to 1985. He graduated from the University of Yangon with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology around 1983. He is one of the artists whose works can never be predicted. Although he has done a lot of different styles people recognized his works because of his distinctive style. He also creates installation art. His installation arts always give a message of the system of the country. His installation art is also well-known in art community like his paintings. He founded a private school at his house and has given free education to young people, especially to poor young people. He and his wife used to teach young people at his house every day. He creates art at his free time. "Without good education system, no country develops mentally and physically" said Myint Soe. In his recent show in 2015 “Bridge and A Nyeit Danner” expressed how government has used bridge and a Nyeint Dancer for them. He also quoted “I like a bridge-any kind of bridge at all” by James S. Tippet, but he said I don’t like some bridges in Burma as they were built by military goverment to break the protesters down. In 2014 some of his works from “Bridge and A Nyeit Danner” series were shown at the exhibition called “Banned in Burma: Painting Under Censorship” at Hong Kong Visual Arts Center. In 2015 some of his works that expressed about education system in Myanmar and students protests for education reform are exhibited at Hong Kong Visual Arts Center. Most of his works in 2015 focuses on changes, especially to change education system in Myanmar. His “Kyo” installation art exhibition in 2016 at Nawaday Tharlar gallery was the most exciting one that expressed social, political, and environmental issues in Myanmar and all over the world. His work, Myanmar Iron Lady, was collected by the British Museum in 2022 for the museum permanent collection. His collection can be seen at the Nawaday Tharlar Gallery, Yangon. 

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