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Aung Zaw was born in Yangon, Myanmar in 1979. He is a self-taught artist and only one of a few artists who create sex clusively abstract art. He admires Kin Maung Yin and Soe Naing who have been creating abstract paintings for many years. Although he is inspired by these two artists he has his own unique style.Since he started painting from 2008 until 2013, he signed as Min Htet Aung, the name of his son, who Aung Zaw wants to be an artist when he grows older. Aung Zaw started to sign his own name in 2014 when he realized no one can force anyone to be an artist. Whoever wants to be an artist will always find a way by himself. He has already done four solo exhibitions and participated in more than twenty groups show. “I believe art is the light in the dark world” said Aung Zaw. He is now living and working in Yangon. His collections can be found at Nawaday Tharlar Gallery.

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