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Aung Zaw, book layout designer and printing services runner, was born in Yangon in 1979.      

He is a self-taught artist, and one of only a few painters in Myanmar devoted purely to abstract art.


His greatest inspirations are artist Kin Maung Yin and Soe Naing who have been creating abstract art throughout their lives. Although he has got a lot influences by the two artists he mostly came out with his own unique style.


His learning art schools are mainly his artist friends, art galleries, exhibition catalogues and books that he could find anywhere. As a self-taught artist experimentation is vital for him. He never stops experimenting with his medium for his works since he started painting in 2008.


He is known for his minimal abstract series called Stains and Me collected by World Bank in 2018.

He is also one of the artists of Hong Kong Thukhuma Collection that explores art, culture, education and politics in Myanmar.


He tries to find his own light in arts as he believes art is the light in the dark world. He has done seven solo exhibitions in Myanmar and participated in more than 20 group exhibitions locally and internationally.     

He lives and works in Yangon. His collection can be seen at the Nawaday Tharlar Gallery in Yangon.

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