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Nawaday Tharlar Gallery opened May 2012 with a passion for sharing art and ideas in Yangon. We are devoted to creating a space for freedom of expression, featuring works of leading Burmese artists who endured and resisted censorship under the military regime.


Pyay Way is the founder and curator of Nawaday Tharlar Gallery. Nawaday Tharlar means “A Place for a New Day” in a hybrid of Pali and English. Since its founding in 2012 Nawaday Tharlar has become a vibrant community of painters, sculptors, and poets from all around Myanmar and beyond. The gallery is a venue for anyone to come and share stories, art, and perspectives at open mic nights; a home for artists to share and learn with others at workshops and free classes; and a place for community organizers to meet and develop philanthropic programs such as flood relief, trash collection, and health projects for those in need.


Nawaday Tharlar aims to foster kinship and enable freedom of expression among Myanmar’s flourishing community of artists and to be a bridge between them and a supportive community for the arts in Myanmar.

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