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Co Thiee was born in Yangon 1963. He studied under U Thaung Han, U Maung Maung Theik. . In the 1990s he was employed as an illustrator, graphic designer and film director. He turned to painting in 2000, making it his professional career in 2006. He also won the Second Prize at Myanmar National Portrait Competition 2011, River Gallery, Yangon. He has exhibited his work in more than 30 group exhibitions locally and internationally. Especially his work has been shown in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and US. His recent works have been done by palette knife. He sometimes creates art to express different feelings about religion. His work explores the Buddhist idea of “Ku-Tho” meaning “meritorious deeds”. His aim to share the feeling of “happiness” and “meritorious deeds” he feels when he sees purity and peacefulness in others. As he especially sees this in monks and nuns, he strives to create this feeling again through painting monks and nuns in real life and daily situation. As he comments, “Nuns and monks are humans too, but because of what they practice, they carry an aura of peace and happiness that other people can feel when they see them.” His nature of beauty series are mostly trees and landscapes of Shan state, Chin state. He has also been doing Bonsai for many years. That might be the reason why his trees paintings are quite unique and very different from other artists’ work. His new series, Dream Dimension, is to share beauties he sees in constant changes with his friends while he was trying his best to make the world more beautiful through his work. His collection can be seen at Nawaday Tharlar Gallery.

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