Min Mahaw was born in 1975 in Yangon. His dad, Sagaing Maung Myat Moe is an author, known as a Judo Myat Min because of the book he wrote called Katame Judo.

Min Mahaw loved copying images from books since he was about at 6 and enjoyed drawing with pencils at his family house wall.

After 10th grade, he went to the Yangon State School of Fine Arts to study painting and attended night classes. He graduated in 2003.

 After graduation in 2003 he worked on Korean comics at Korean Comic company in Yangon for 13 months.  After quitting Korean Comic company, he was doing commissioned paintings. That is where he started using acrylic paint as he never painted with acrylic before. He was taught about only oil at the School. He learnt how to use acrylic under one of his friend’s artists.

After having done 6 commissioned paintings with acrylic he knows how to use acrylic so well. While doing commissioned pieces, he was also painting what he likes. Then he started showing them at group exhibitions in 2006. Now he has participated more 30 groups shows and had two solo exhibitions in Yangon.

One day when he was struggling what to paint he suddenly remembered the antiques from his family collection and decided to paint them. When he showed his painting of antique violin to his one of traditional teachers the teacher showed him William Harnett works and he got inspired by him.

“The simplest thing is to keep the old as they are. The most honest is to accept reality as it is. I have taken the isms and ideas out from my head. I have just put simplicity and honesty on the canvas and felt them. I am just being a painter” said Min Mahaw. He lives in Yangon with his family and works as a full time artist. His collection can be seen at the Nawaday Tharlar Gallery.