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Nan Da

Born: in 1983 ( Zeyawady, Phyu Township, Bago Division, Myanmar).

In 2001, he got diploma from the Yangon State School of Fine Art. Since then, he started his art journey and participated in group exhibitions locally and internationally.


In 2015, he marked a milestone with his first solo art exhibition, "The broken rhymes", at Lokanat Gallery in Yangon. Nan Da constantly studies the various faces in his surroundings that feature people from all walks of life and changes them into paintings. He is good at observing his surroundings, too.


Through his paintings, he tries to depict Myanmar mood and character, Myanmar soul and culture, Myanmar society and environment. He pursues simplicity and honesty in expressing his creativity through his works. The title of his latest series Innocent mood is derived from his watching and observation process when creating his paintings. However,


Nan Da never transforms the innocent mood into a tragic appearance of faces nor does he transfigure in his paintings. Simplicity of his creations makes the viewer easily see and feel the innocent mood in all his paintings. Each of his work exposes complicated designs and color arrangements, structuring and composition that are too unconventional to be realistic.


He participated in the “Poetry of Brush and Ink”, Taiwan-Myanmar Art and Culture Exchange Exhibition that held at the Nawaday Tharlar Gallery in 2018 and Pansuriya Gallery in 2019, Yangon. He had three solo exhibitions in Yangon and Singapore.

Two of his works, Persistence (1) and Persistence (2), Ink and acrylic on paper, 2022, were collected by the British Museum in 2022 for the museum permanent collection.


His works have been shown locally and internationally, Singapore and US. His collection can be seen at Nawaday Tharlar Gallery in Yangon.

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