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Nilar Tun was born in Pathein, Ayeyawaddy Division in 1985. She started painting in 2007 using acrylic on canvas. She had no formal training but learnt through guidance and assistance from fellow artists. After moving to Yangon for her studies in 2006, she began her career as a gemstone artist, in 2007, drawing the base/foundational image and place gemstones to create beautiful Myanmar scenes. Frequent visits to galleries and exhibitions and meetings with artists over time stirred in her a desire to paint. Frustrated with the limitations of gemstone art and inspired by nature and the environment of her childhood and youth, she started exploring nature’s shapes and forms with acrylic on canvas. Her main subjects are nature, forests and trees. Her choice comes from memories of nature, trees and forests in and around her hometown and her constant yearning to be in nature. From the restriction and limitation of gemstone art, she has found freedom and creativity in the composition, shape, perspective and colours of her paintings. She expresses a strong love for art and is inspired by colours, shadow and light. Bright colours and nature foster a sense of happiness and delight. In some instances, she chooses flecks of light to contrast shadow bringing a painting scene to life. She has participated in about 20 group shows so far and hopes to have solo exhibitions in the future. She now lives in Yangon and is currently working on some pieces for the show. Her collection can be seen at Nawaday Tharlar Gallery.

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