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Saw Star was born in Dawei, Myanmar, in 1979. He moved to Yangon in 2000 to study art. He studied painting at the Yangon State School of Fine Arts in 2000-20002. He started doing jewelry design as soon as he finished his studies at the Yangon State School of Fine Arts. Jewel companies always came to the school to look for designers for jewels. “I decided to do jewel designs since it was very difficult to survive as a modern style artist. I love the modern style but realism was more popular in Myanmar at that time” said Saw Star.

He loves doing paintings the most although he has been doing jewel designs. “There are always some restrictions in making jewel designs as I have to make what the customers like sometimes. I created my own designs mostly and they liked them most of the time. I find it completely free in painting. That is why I love doing paintings the most,” said Saw Star.

His designs are hand chains, rings, necklaces and many others. He was lucky to have seen paintings of legendary artist U Ngwe Gaing at his grandpa’s house since he was a kid. U Ngwe Gaing is his grandpa’s best friend and he adopted his uncles. His noticeable trademark is his face paintings. He likes to convey Burmese symbols and ideas through their hairstyles and thanakhar on their faces. The hairstyles are different depending on the different era that the painting is based on. You can see these interests and skills flowing into his artwork by looking at the jewelry designs on the hairstyles and faces.

Apart from painting, he loves listening to music, reading and writing poetry, and making sculptures. He had three solo shows and participated in more than 30 group shows locally and internationally, in Singapore, Hong Kong, and USA. His collection can be seen at Nawaday Tharlar Gallery and River Gallery.

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