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Seng Htoi Awng was born in 1986 in Myitkyinar, Kachin State. He started copying images from books since he was 5th grade and participated in coloring competitions organised by Shwin Pyone magazine. When he was in 9th grade, he studied drawing portraits and signboards under commercial artist Jum Ju. Seng Htoi Awng persisted in his pursuit of being an artist despite his family’s objections. His mum threw out all his art supplies when he failed 10th grade examinations, as she felt he spent too much time on art. A turning point for Seng Htoi Awng was when he met Brang Li, a fellow Kachin artist. He learnt from Brang Li that he could study at the University of Culture if he passed the 10th grade examinations. Feeling motivated, Seng Htoi Awng moved to Yangon in 2003 and passed his 10th grade examinations. He subsequently went to the University of Culture (now National University of Art and Culture) in 2004, graduating with painting in 2008. To finance his studies, he started making illustrations for stories and poems at Heart Magazine and designs and outline sketches for gemstone art. In 2010, Seng Htoi Awng's works for the “Crossing Border” group show were rejected by the Censorship Board as they expressed how the Myanmar people were oppressed under the military regime. Dejected, he stopped painting for five years as he felt he did not have complete freedom to create the art he wanted. He started drawing caricatures at Yangon’s People’s Park in 2011, making between 3000-5000 Kyats (3-5 USD) from each caricatures. He now runs two caricature studios in Yangon. In 2016 he started painting again and participated in the “Crossing Border” group show. He began to spend more time on painting as it is his favourite type of art. He has participated in more than 20 group shows locally and internationally. Apart from creating art, he loves reading, listening to music and playing football and badminton. His collection can be seen at Nawaday Tharlar Gallery.

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