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Sitt Moe Aung was born in 1984 in Thazi township, Mandalay, Myanmar. He graduated with B.A in painting from University of Culture, Yangon in 2004.

Although he is very good at painting with oil, acrylic and watercolor, he likes watercolor the best as his work’s medium. He has become one of the key watercolorists in Myanmar’s art scene today. His paintings may appear straightforward at first glance but he is able to make the viewer feel the weather and a sense of freedom through his technique and attention to detail. His paintings of the countryside and small towns evoke a sense of serenity and openness, and offer a mental escape from the crowded and hectic city life. He has done five solo exhibitions in Myanmar and has participated in more 30 group exhibitions in Myanmar, Canada and Singapore and Hong Kong. He is also a member of International Watercolor Society Myanmar and participated in International Watercolor Festival (2017-2019) in Myanmar, Korea and India. He lives in Yangon with his family and works as a fulltime artist. His collection can be seen at Nawaday Tharlar Gallery in Yangon.

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