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Soe Naing was born on 26th July 1961 in Yangon. He graduated from the University of Yangon with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology in 1985. He has done more than 45 solo exhibitions since 1994 and has participated in over 100 group shows. He is well known artist locally and internationally because of his unique style. His works have been shown many times inside and outside the country. "I always paint freely. I always paint because I can't help painting. Sometimes people asked me how can you create so many works? I said I can't live without painting. I don't even know if I can say I am painting. I am just following my heart and my feeling. For me, painting cannot be forced to be created but happens naturally. And for that to happen, I need to work perpetually” said Soe Naing.

Are they called paintings?

1. I was a security guard for house’s holiday poker game which is my biggest duty as I am the oldest son in family. I had to do shopping for small things for the poker players. I was a shopping guy for poker players. I felt insecure every time I was asked if our house had a lot of guests when I bought loads of tea with a big tiffin carrier at the tea shop. I didn’t appreciate the pocket money from poker players for helping them and I never thought that is the right livelihood too. But I used to be a son of a poker man. 2. I had to make paper bags with answer papers and sold them at different shops. I felt insecure because of answer paper bags. But I used to be a son of a school teacher. 3. My father was an accountant and my mother was a school teacher. Their salary was not enough for the whole family. We had to live life very hard. 4. I ate too much as a guest at the house of a man who became rich by selling heroine. I felt insecure when I was asked if the foods are good. I was very angry with myself for not controlling myself not to eat too much at a rich man’s house. My life was not smooth, my mind was insecure and my body was pale. 5. I was scratching my head all the time but nothing came out from my head. But I was also sketching all the time. I get used to scratching as I have been scratching. I also get used to drawings as I have been sketching. Then I became an artist with a new appearance and figure. Are they called paintings? (Soe Naing – 18.03.2016)

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