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Sue Htet Aung Born on 19th January 1965 in Yangon, Sue Htet Aung studied art theories and techniques from Sayar U Thu Kha and U Ba Lone Lay. He started his art career as a graphic illustrator, writing and illustrating graphic novels under the name “Sue”. When the graphic novel industry in Myanmar started to decline, he switched to painting, under his full name “Sue Htet Aung”. Sue Htet Aung found independence and freedom of expression as a painter instead of a graphic illustrator. He started with night scenes of Yangon, focussing on scenes from tea shops and markets. In Myanmar, as with many cities in Southeast Asia, tea shops form the ideal location for social gatherings, to discuss politics, current affairs or just the latest gossip in town. As a young man, Sue Htet Aung used to spend nights in Yangon at tea shops with friends. While tea shops are usually dominated by men, the markets are where women gather and exchange information. With rapid urbanisation, Sue Htet Aung fears the loss of the tea shop and market culture, something that is culturally very significant to Myanmar. He paints in mostly impasto style and focuses on market street sellers and scenes in teashops. He wanted to capture the importance of the teashop and market culture in Myanmar, so that others can appreciate and contemplate the impact they have on the Myanmar culture. He is moved by how the reflections remind him of the different facets of life. Sue Htet Aung has participated in 30 group shows and four solo shows locally and internationally Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, Australia and New Zealand. He is also First Prize Winner of SME Art Contest in Yangon in 2014. His most prominent series was “Perseverance” which is related to his “Pyithu” series in 2016. Both series were displayed at Nawaday Tharlar Gallery in 2017 and 2016. His collection can be seen at Nawaday Tharlar Gallery. He lives and works in Yangon as a fulltime artist.

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