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Sue Htet Aung, a creative soul born in the bustling city of Yangon on January 19th, 1965.

His journey into the world of art began with a fascination for graphic novels, where he showcased his talents under the simple moniker "Sue." However, as the graphic novel scene in Myanmar began to dwindle, he sought a new canvas to express himself fully, thus embracing painting under his full name, Sue Htet Aung.

In his paintings, Sue Htet Aung found a realm of independence and boundless expression that was absent in the confines of graphic illustration. He embarked on his artistic odyssey by capturing the vibrant night scenes of Yangon, immersing himself in the lively atmosphere of its iconic tea shops and bustling markets.

For Sue Htet Aung, these spaces weren't merely settings; they were cultural hubs where people gathered to share stories, discuss politics, and exchange the latest gossip. Through his brushstrokes, he sought to preserve the essence of Myanmar's tea shop and market culture, fearing its gradual erosion amidst rapid urbanization.

With thick impasto strokes, Sue Htet Aung breathes life into his canvases, portraying the spirited street sellers and the lively interactions within tea shops. His art serves as a poignant reminder of the significance these spaces hold in Myanmar's cultural fabric.

Despite the challenges, his dedication to his craft has seen him showcase his work in over 30 group exhibitions and four solo shows, spanning across Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, Australia, and New Zealand. His accolades include being the First Prize Winner of the SME Art Contest in Yangon in 2014.

One of his most notable series, "Perseverance," echoes themes from his earlier "Pyithu" series, both of which were showcased at the prestigious Nawaday Tharlar Gallery. Today, Sue Htet Aung continues to weave his artistic narratives from his hometown of Yangon, where he resides as a full-time artist, ensuring that the rich tapestry of Myanmar's cultural heritage remains alive through his captivating creations.

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