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Ye Minn


Born in 1988 in Maw Kyun, Ayeyarwaddy. He is the youngest of four siblings. “Since I was young I knew wanted to be an artist. I started drawing photos and copying illustrations from school books since primary school” said Ye Minn.

When he finished school, he studied art theory under artist Chan Myae Min. He began painting in the realism style before slowly moving to surrealism as he likes to add concept to his work. He is one of the few surrealist artists in Myanmar.

Most of his early works reflected the political situation in Myanmar. Some of them were rejected by the government censorship board during the military regime.

He started painting with oil as it was the first medium taught by his teacher. After a few years he changed to acrylic because it took less time to dry, and more importantly, the colours and finishing texture better expressed his concepts.

“I studied design and painting without expecting commercial returns business because I love the process of creation. Now I am happy that I can combine them with my feelings." said Ye Min.

His two favourate artists are Salvador Dali and Francis Bacon. He likes not only their works but also their codes.

He usually starts his days with mediation as it helps with his concentration. He enjoys painting when he is alone in a quiet environment. He also does photography and videography.

He likes painting when he is alone and everything is serene. This “Waves in Mind” series expresses what he has been observing in his mind. His collection can be seen at Nawaday Tharlar Gallery.

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