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Myint San Myint was born in 1965 in Rakhine. He was graduated with B.Sc., (Physics), Yangon University. He studied painting under U Thein Han and U Lun Gywe. Most of his works are with strong colours and many layers, his portraits are a combination of faithfully rendered faces and words which may reflect on or illustrate the subject. He came to his original painting style slowly. In fact, he first studied physics, and worked as a teacher for eleven years, drawing and painting as a hobby. Eventually he decided to learn more systematically, and now he calls U Thein Han his most important teacher. He started to paint in a realistic style as he had been taught and he grew bored of this, and as his family had a silkscreen business, he began experimenting with silkscreen as a medium. Gradually he moved to different media and styles, but he still enjoys working with silkscreen. ‘The silkscreen paintings come into being quickly, in just a few days. The acrylics take a lot more thought and care. His work with silkscreen and acrylic were recognized because of his unique style. Then his work with same technic and style were chosen for Finalist Painting of Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards in 2008 and the best painting of Tun Foundation Art Awards in 2008-2009. He is not only a painter but also song writer and singer. Sometimes his works are shown together with his own song and music video. One of his popular series with his own song and video is “Our Mother” to support Aung San Suu Kyi before 2015 election. He did seven solo exhibitions and got participated in more 45 exhibitions locally and internationally in Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, UK and US. His collection can be seen at Nawadaytharlar Gallery in Yangon.

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